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'under StarClan, four Clans will be one, to preserve the four.' ~Bramblestar

you traveled through the brooding forest, paw step after paw step. Your pelage (fur) blew in the wind. The crescent moon showed down on your pelt, leaving it a creamy white color. You crept silently through, occasionally opening your mandible (lower jaw) and nose towards the air to scent the aroma around you. Eventually, you sat down, sensing no danger. In the meantime, you wrapped your tail around your front paw, the moon now shining greatly down upon your chest. You cleansed (cleaned) your fur, paying no attention to your surroundings. Suddenly, you heard something unsheathe their claws. You jumped up, unsheathing your claws as well, prepared for a fight. A slightly achromatic (grey), diminutive (small), sleek she cat walked out of the bushes. Though she was small, her eyes were serrated (sharp) and piercing. She looked at you and flicked her tail, the earth seemed to still as she moved. Now, she sheathed her claws, and stared right at you. Another cat appeared behind her, but it was a tomcat. He cleaned his russet color shoulder. He was much larger than the female, but both intimidated you. The female now spoke up, her voice temperate (gentle) but stern. She squinted her piercing grey eyes. "Who are you, and what are you doing here?" the tomcat leaped up toward you, and spoke as well. "What do you want me to do with the cat?" he hissed. "Now now, let's let the cat speak." The she cat responded. You now stated your name, trying not to sound scared. The she cat nodded, and spoke her name to you. "I am Crescentstar, leader of CrescentClan." she now pointed her head to the male cat. "This is Fireclaw, our deputy. May I ask why you are here?" she said turning back to you. You held your breath in thought. "I came to ask for permission to join your clan." Fireclaw sat down, looking expectantly to Crescentstar. "Very well then. I accept. Welcome to CrescentClan.

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